Who - shrine

You have touched our lives in immeasurable ways and we’ll forever be grateful and want you to be apart of our family.

Why - unicorn

We don’t tend to make a fuss about our relationship but we really wanted to take a pause to celebrate.

Our coming together has not been a coincidence but shaped by the wonderful people in our lives - you! Therefore this celebration could not be complete without you.

Why Wokyo? - mountain

Many people fantasize about going to Japan, we are such people.

We have to get very far away from all our computers.


Take a train less than two hours from Tokyo and stay nearby.


Save the date for our wedding celebration in Tokyo.


Throughout March we are planning a trip and residency south of Tokyo at the HackerFarm .

By the end of March we will host a gathering, hopefully with you in attendance.


Travel to Tokyo. Enjoy the time with friends and family.

The food and Japanese hospitality are excellent.

The Schedule:

Day 1: ramen

Day 2: Shabu Shabu

Day 3: